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We seek to build a community of practice committing to creating a clearer and deeper understanding of how ecological systems – at every level – operate and how they have been damaged by unsustainable development, involving scientists, policy analysts and activists.

Please submit a short review (250 words) of any book or report in the environmental field, broadly defined, that you think others ought to know about to and

We welcome responses to any review we publish. You must identify yourself, and all reviews must conform to prevailing standards of independent scholarship in order to be taken seriously.

Submit a Book/Report for Review

The editors welcome suggestions and submissions of environmental books and reports for review. The book or report should of relevance to the environmental field, broadly defined, including but not limited to the following subject categories:

To submit the book/report, please email a brief synopsis of the work to and

Books to Review

We have identified approximately 270 recently published books on environment and sustainability that ought to be reviewed.  If any of the readers of the Anthem EnviroExperts Review want to submit a micro review (250 words) of any of these books, we will include your review in a future issue. If we feel your review needs additional work, or, if we have editorial suggestions, we will be in touch with you before making any revisions.  Please send all micro reviews to Larry Susskind (

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